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Children's Christmas & Bible Stories - Blyton, Tarrant

Children's Christmas & Bible Stories - Blyton, Tarrant

3 vintage children's books including : Bible Stories For Children 1923; this has a charming inscription with date and 16 coloured plates which are particularly lovely. This hardcover book does show wear and has some foxing particulrly on the title pages but the story pages are nearly unaffected and the plates are excellent.


The Little Girl at Capernaum by the wonderful Enid Blyton - It has a presentation label in it dated to 1964 and the publishing date is 1963. It is a hardcover book , has one coloured plate and lots of black and white illustrations.


The Story of Christmas Told in Pictures by Margaret Tarrant and in simple words by Katherine Bamfield. This is a soft cover book published by The Medeci Society in 1952. The beautiful coloured images by the much loved illustrator Margaret Tarrant make this wonderful story even more special. They can be appreciated by adults as well as children!


UK postage £3.50



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