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Collection of vintage childrens books Mable lucie attwell

Collection of Childrens Books

5 vintage children's books:

1)The Story of BABA -hardcover- 1949- Beautifully and colourfully illustrated, cover has marks and wear.

2)A First Peter Pan- 1990- small book, soft cover, Superb illustrations by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Though a smaller size the images could be framed .

3)A Child's Garden of Verses- soft cover- 1978- some damage, some loose pages but a very sweet, gentle read.

4)Dean's Gold Medal Book of Rhymes- hardcover- 1961- filled with delightful, colourful illustrations. Someone has had a bit of fun with a pair of scissors adding a small slice to the bottom of some of the pages but the pictures are still wonderful and would look suoerb if framed.

5) The Margaret Tempest Picture Book- 1980- soft cover, another incredible illustrator; these pictures are detailed and beautiful and there are lots of them which is perhaps why it is called a "picture book"!

UK postage £3.50


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