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Embroidered tea egg cosy organza lilac yellow floral

Embroidered Organza Tea Cosy Set

Charming vintage tea cosy set made from Organza fabric which has been delicately embroidered in petit point stitches creating lovely roses, soft scrolling designs, small blue flowers and pretty foliage in pale greens.

The set comprises a "tray cloth", tea cosy and egg cosy.  There are also two additional egg cosies that are a similar style but with embroidery instead of petit point. The cosies are soft, padded and in a gorgeous lilac shade with the two extra being soft butter yellow. The embroidered organza cosy covers offer a very decorative finish and allow the lilac shade to show through the organza.

All pieces have a pretty scalloped edge. The tray cloth measures approximately 19 by 13.5 inches.

There is some minor pulling of the organza fabric on the tea cosy (see photo) and some very minor discolouration along the bottom of the tea cosy cover but otherwise the set is in lovely condition.

This could quite possibly be the most feminine cosy set you will ever see!

UK postage £3.50

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