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Vintage enamel pan planters blue trim

Enamel Pan Planters

A selection of old enamel pans for use as garden or event planters. None are in fit condition to be used as a cookware as all have wear , enamel loss or other damage so are being repurposed. They are all in sturdy condition.  Prices vary from £4.50-£8.00.


1) Large cream/beige pan trimmed in forest green measuring 9 inches across and 5 1/4 inches deep. It has a long handle one one side and a small gripping handle on the other. The outside shows little wear but the underside has a large area of enamel loss. It is probably iron as it is quite heavy and very strong. £8.00


2) Cream/beige pan with medium green trim, 8 1/2 inches across by almost 5 inches high. It has one long handle. Lots of wear to the rim and some enamel loss around the base. £4.50


3) Cream pan with deep sky blue rim, 8 1/4 inches across by 5 inches high, one long handle. It has enamel loss to the blue trim. £5.00


4) Sapphire blue enamel pan with silver trim, 5 1/2 inches high by 7 inches across. It has a small handle on each side.  The outside does show have much wear but the inside and base have enamel loss. £7.00


If you buy more than one planter we can send them in one parcel which will reduce postage costs considerably. The postage for one pan is not much less than two and so on!  Get creative in your garden or consider using them for planters at a vintage style event!

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