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1930's barbola mirror

1930's Barbola Mirror

Beautiful vintage barbola mirror , large circular shape measuring just over 19 inches wide and 21 inches high! It has an antique cream coloured base colour with the ribbon work in green /blue (more green) which begins deepest in colour at the top and gradually fades towards the bottom. There is a small decorative floral decorating at the bottom with large floral barbola work at the top. 

Although it is very common to see "cracks" in genuine barbola work (and is actually a sign of authenticity when compared to reproductions that have none) this mirror also has damage that it not "naturally" occurring as it has been dropped at some point resulting in random cracks and old repairs with glue which has yellowed (see last photo of back).  I won't point out every issue because any damage is solid without any looseness and does not affect the ability to use and display this lovely old mirror. 

If you would like specific information that I have not included please don't hesitate to let me know. Collection is preferred but I am happy to post. 

UK postage £14.00

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