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Vintage Antique 1947 Moffat Cooker Oven Pale yellow cream display prop

1947 Moffat Cream Cooker

Absolutely beautiful range style electric cooker from 1946-47 by Moffat. This is called the "Tabletop Model". It is hard to know where to begin when describing this outstanding item though it's appearance is probably the obvious choice!

The gorgeous enamelled finish is a very pale yellow colour with door panels, drawers and control knob backing plate all in a pale cream.  The white enamelled top of the cooker doubles as a perfect area for food preparation which is no doubt where it gets it's name and would also have made it useful for smaller kitchens.

One side of the enamelled top lifts up to reveal the 3 cooking hobs. There are 2 ovens. One is a smaller oven and can be used as a grill, the other is the larger "main" oven. There are 2 large metal drawers below the ovens for storing pans.


Condition: The outside of this oven is something quite special to behold. It shows very little wear and is a testament not only to the quality of this wonderful cooker but also to the care that was taken in looking after it all these years. The enamel top has very minor marks from general use.  There are some some small, minor scratches on the pale yellow "border" low on the right side side. It is other wise excellent in appearance.

The inside of the speckled enamel ovens are beautifully clean. There is some very minor enamel wear to the inside door of the larger oven.  Both the large and smaller ovens have a removable enamelled "tray" at the bottom which can be removed easily to be cleaned.


The back hob works beautifully as does the grill / small oven. There is some minor surface rust on one of the hobs but that is easily removed with a remover specifically for that issue or olive oil and some heat.

We have had a cooker repair service check this cooker to assess it's current condition.   Although some parts are working it would not be safe for use as it currently is as there is a confirmed short somewhere in the electrics which is causing the other oven and hobs not to work.

The lid around the hobs can be lifted for repair or cleaning and it is easy to see that a thorough cleaning is needed there. A cleaning of the parts may aid the working of the cooker but it is not guaranteed and it may be that some parts need to be replaced in order to make the cooker work properly and safely.  If you don't plan to keep it as an "architectural antique" or for display, it is imperative that it be fully inspected/repaired before any attempted use for your safety.


Width: 37.5 inches (94.5 cm) , depth of body: 21 inches (53.5 cm) , height: 3 feet (91.5 cm). The largest handle stands out 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) from the body.


This is an outstanding and exquisite authentic vintage cooker. Even if used solely for display in a vintage kitchen it offers storage room and "counter space" along with magnificent aesthetic quality.  It will add a genuine vintage ambience to any home.


This item will require a furniture/courier delivery. Please contact us with your postcode for a quote.

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