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1955 Laundry Dry Cleaning Case

1955 Laundry Dry Cleaning Case

Wonderful old laundry or dry cleaning delivery box measuring approximately 20 inches by 12 inches by 4.5 inches. This nostalgic case is by The Grenfell Laundry Co. Ltd and was used to deliver clean laundry in.

It is made of an extremely strong and thick cardboard type material with the joins being fastened by metal rivets. The corners and side edges are protected with what looks like brown leather although we are not sure what the material is. These are also fastened with metal rivets. There is a leather strap that secures the case. It is riveted to the base of the box.

Inside is a label which dates 1955 and guarantees the box to "remain good and sound for three years from the date...", so I think they did pretty well with their design! Great for storage or adding true vintage character to a kitchen or laundry room.

UK postage £6.50
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