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Antique Crystal Palace Keepsake Box

Antique Crystal Palace Keepsake Box

Extraordinary antique wooden jewellery or keepsake box from the Crystal Palace circa 1850-55. It has a gorgeous design on the lid of 3 song birds and the words "A Present from the Crystal Palace".

Despite the extensive wear on the lid you can see the remnants of intricate designs of daisy type flowers in each corner, acanthus leaf patterns, detailed borders and more.

The box has it's original key and working lock. There is a mirror inside the lid. The mirror has some minor mottling. A tray lifts out revealing a second area to store jewellery, trinkets or even love letters tied with ribbon!

This beautiful item is not without issue as you can see from the photos. The body of the box has general wear and the lid has obvious damage to the image, however this is a very rare item- Not many gifts from the Crystal Palace remain and particularly not in the form of such an unusual and beautiful object as this box.

10 1/4 inches wide, 8 1/4 inches deep & 3.5 inches high

UK postage £5.50

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