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Antique Rose Garland Platters Edwardian

Antique Rose Garland Platters

A beautiful set of 3 platters by Johnson Brothers dating to around 1915. The largest measures 18 by 13.3 inches,the second measures 13.6 by 10.7 inches and the smallest measures 8.2 by 6.1 inches.

These truly are lovely with their lush garlands of soft, warm pink roses. There is gold coloured edging but much of it has worn away.

The smallest platter has crackling to the glaze in the center and has a chip on the underside of the edge which is not seen from the top. The middle sized platter does have some glaze crackling in one area of the center section. The large platter does not have any crackling of the glaze.

The largest platter is also a deep design making it perfect for containing sauces or juices so they don't spill on your tablecloth!

This is a gorgeous and delicate pattern.

UK postage £8.00

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