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Axminster wool floral roses rug carpet 1940's close up

Axminster Wool Floral Rug

Large size vintage Axminster wool rug measuring approximately 10.5 by 9.2 feet (320 cm by 280 cm).  It is very decorative beginning with the turquoise colour outside border leading on to the light brown border which is separated from the warm beige background by an ornate scrolling Acanthus leaf design in brown and yellow/gold.


Scattered colourful roses decorate the scrolls along with gorgeous larger bouquest in each corner. Numerous circlets make up the very pretty center of the rug and have a lovely turquoise green/blue background filled with a wreath of roses.


 The condition is good with general wear. It has several very small holes along the edge in one particular area though you would probably be hard pressed to find them and some small marks. It has been cleaned but it would no doubt benefit from another due to it's age and regular use.


This has been photographed outside so the colours may appear brighter than they will in your home. If you have questions please do ask. We are more than happy to help to assure you are pleased with your purchase!


We estimate UK postage to be in the region of £30 but please contact us for a courier quote.


 "Sunny" is not included :)

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