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Beautiful Antique Celluloid Album with Photos

Beautiful Antique Celluloid Album with Photos

Wonderful antique photo album with a beautifully decorative celluloid cover. The cover image is of two playful children sharing a secret and it has a dreamy almost ethereal look. It has an embossed and hand-painted ornamental border. 

There are 12 thick pages and a total of 49 photos in the book. It is approximately 8.5 by 10.5 inches. This album itself was most likely made in America and probably dates to around 1880 but has come from France. The photos are of French people and families with most dating between 1880-1915 approximately and some as late as perhaps 1940-ish.

Originally there would have been a lock or clasp but it is missing which is a common issue with these antique albums. The two corner covers are missing or worn away and the velvet that covered the spine is mostly worn away. There is a very small flake on the back cover.  The relatively delicate covers of these beautiful albums do not often survive without splitting and cracking but this one has and is in rare beautiful condition.

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