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French fabric floral roses blue background

Blue French Rosy Fabric

Very pretty French fabric; the design is of richly coloured roses in vibrant shades of red, coral, pink and white with smaller flowers in reds, pinks and golden yellow all on a light blue background.


The fabric is a synthetic blended with cotton (probably rayon) and as such, has quite a bit of drape and a very slight sheen. It would be suitable for a fabulous summer shawl or skirt, lounging trousers or billowy curtains. It is so pretty that it could be used simply to drape over a door for a burst of vintage colour!


It is 113 inches long (9.41 feet or 2.87 meters) and 44 inches wide. It has several small holes right at one end and another hole about an inch from the selvedge half way along the length.


UK postage £3.50

    £28.00 Regular Price
    £20.00Sale Price
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