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Vintage Colourful Posies Bedspread Floral

Colourful Posies Bedspread / Fabric

Delightful vintage bedspread, the fabric is either 100% cotton or a cotton blended with rayon. It is extremely soft , light weight and has a beautiful draping quality. The background has a pretty wavy design woven into the fabric. 

Offically this would be for a single bed as the bottom is fitted and the fitted corners are 36 inches wide. However The main body of the spread is 4 feet wide so that is drops down the sides of the bed so the bottom coule be reletively easily re-worked to fit a double bed. The ruffles are approximately 16 inches long and are all the way around the spread except the top edge.

It appears to be handmade but certainly by an expert seamstress as the seams and hems are perfect. It is bright, colourful and very pretty!

There is a lot of fabric in this spread and it could be taken apart and the beautiful fabric used for other projects.


UK postage £5.50

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