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Country Bark Cloth Quilt

Country Bark Cloth Quilt

Such a charming vintage quilt, very much in a country cottage style with luscious boughs of roses and other florals in shades of peach, tangerine, rusts and golds accented by pretty touches of blue and green all on a white background.

The fabric on the reverse side is a wonderful vintage design of flowers in stylised square patterns. Both fabrics are quality textured "bark cloth" cottons and have the same texture.

The quilt is handmade. There is a center seam but it is not very apparent because of the vertical quilt lines.

It is in overall lovely condition though there is a small, narrow panel added in along the edge (not seen without a very close inspection and very professionally done) and a minor bit of colour run on the reverse side edge.

The quilt measures 67 by 62 inches.

UK postage £9.50
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