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Exquisite Hand Painted Triple Mirror

Exquisite Hand Painted Triple Mirror

Absolutely beautiful 1940's mirror, decorated with delicate and colourful florals skillfully painted by hand. The artist has signed their name but unfortunately we are unable to make it out.


This is a large triple mirror orignally for a vanity or dressing table. The tops curve nicely to blend each section into the next. Each mirror is decorated with soft gold coloured embellishments in each corner, the elegant side struts and across the strut at the bottom of the central mirror.


The glass is original and is superb quality; it is thick, very heavy and beautifully bevelled. The center mirror can be tilted back and forward. The side mirrors can be "folded" inward or outwards. All three mirrors can be removed from their "hinges".


The back of the mirror is securely and completely covered in the same soft cream coloured wood. The mirror stand on sturdy integral legs/feet.


It measures 26.5 inches high to the highest point (the top of the center mirror) and 35.5 inches wide when fully opened.


UK postage £14.00



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