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Vintage Welsh Posies Quilt Antique

Exquisite Welsh Posies Quilt

This incredibly lovely Welsh quilt dates to around 1930. It looks to have been rarely used, if at all.  It measures 86 by 68 inches. Laying across a British king size bed it hangs down at the sides.

The quilt is made from a truly beautiful quality cotton with a satin finish, in a glorious spring green with richly coloured eye-catching posies. The flowers are reddish-pinks, blues, subtle golds and green foliage. So perfectly "vintage"!

This loveliest of fabrics completely covers both sides of the quilt rather than one side as often can be the case.

It is entirely hand quilted in an interconnecting part whorl design. The thread used for the incredible amount of stitches is a soft shell pink.

The quilt has a diagonal seam across one corner a few inches from the edge otherwise it is in spectacular condition.

This is an outstanding heirloom quality piece. It would make a most treasured wedding gift, if you can bear to part with it!

UK postage £12.00
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