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Folk Art Floral Painted Caravan

Folk Art Floral Painted Caravan

Rare hand made Folk Art caravan, wooden and lovingly decorated by hand with painted hearts and floral wreaths in Scandinavian/Dutch style "motifs".

It is 16 inches long, 8 inches wide and 13 inches high. There are windows on each side, a painted faux door at one end and a working door with latch at the other end. The wheels are fully movable. There is a small seat at the front.

The windows one one side are missing their sill and the brass coloured disc on one wheel has been replaced. There is some general wear as would be expected from an item it's age but it is solid and without issue.

The wooden slats on the top are attached with slim nails. The slats can be lifted off which would allow you to put plants inside (make sure you use a draining dish so as not to damage the wood!) and use as a wonderful planter. It's child like charm makes it suitable for decoration in a child's room too.


This is a super decorating piece and sure to be a talking point.


UK postage £10.00

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