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Framed Summer Bouquet Still Life Oil on Board Floral

Framed Summer Bouquet Still Life Oil on Board

Absolutely delightful antique oil painting on board of a summer bouquet in vase including Chrysanthemums and Snapdragons. The artists name is Olive Dring and the painting is signed. Unfortunately we know very little about Ms. Dring though we have found a small selection of her paintings throughout the internet.


The condition is excellent though perhaps the painting is slightly darker than it appears in our photos. The antique frame is a swept giltwood with lovely gesso embellishments. It appears that two of the corners have been broken at some point and repaired. They are not perfect but due to the gesso work the cracks are hard to find and in fact would not been seen without a close inspection. We have shown several close ups of those corners.


The frame measures 2 feet wide and 19.5 inches high. It has a wonderful air of grandeur and elegance and is sure to add Edwardian charm to any situation.


UK postage £12.00

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