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French Bows Ormolu chandelier full

French Bows Ormolu Chandelier

Beautiful French antique "ormolu" chandelier. It has fittings for 3 lights and each fitting has a wonderfully pretty bow behind it. The bows are 5.5 inches across. The fittings and bows sit on a narrow circular frame which is approximately 12-13 inches across.

There are three very decorative chain links that attach the frame to the cieling rose. The links remind me of the flowers of hardy shrub Fuschia. The canopy cieling rose is also very decorative in a leaf and flower design.

The length, from the top of the rose to the ring frame is 30 cms (almost a foot) . Above the rose is a fitting with a screw designed to attach to a beam in the ceiling and where the wires come through.

We have not polished this as some people prefer these items to show their age and worn finish so we will leave that up to the buyer. As it is, it is more a tarnished brass rather than gold. It is extremely decorative and exudes "chateau chic"!


Please have this installed and tested by a qualified electrician if you plant to use it as originally intended.


UK postage £8.50

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