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French Hand-Painted Door Knobs

French Hand-Painted Door Knobs

Beautiful French metal door knobs with elegant hand painted floral designs of Roses and "Forget-me-not" flowers. The background colour is an antique golden yellow with a subtle crackled effect.

This very pretty set includes 2 matching escutcheon covers.

The door knobs do show some wear in the form of several small chips to the painted design however they have been sealed to prevent any further chipping of the gorgeous design.

Usually each door knob would have a screw in the side which would tighten into a spindle but in this case one has a screw which does not seem to be able to be undone so will require a very strong hand or an alternative way to attach the spindle.

Any effort would be well worth it as this set really is unusually exquisite and in our opinion, a work of art!

UK postage £3.50

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