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French Linen Rosebuds Bedcover

French Linen Rosebuds Bedcover

Beautiful vintage French bedcover with all over red/pink rosebuds print. This was sold to me as 100% linen. If so, It is not a fine, lightwieght linen but a little heavier with a slightly coarser texture. It may be that it is actually a linen and cotton blend. It has the appearance of a linen weave and upon close inspection you can see the beautiful natural linen coloured threads.

It has a main body (50 inches wide) , an integral section on each side of the body that is gathered and edges with piping (4 inches)  and then a "skirt" on each side (18 inches). The stitching around the piping of the gathered section has come undone in several places as shown in the photos. It can be easily removed, doing away with the gathered sections completely or those sections can be re-stitched.  The length of the bedcover is 90 inches.

It has areas of fading, more so on the skirt than the body and one end of the skirt has a couple very small tears.

There is a lot of gorgeous vintage linen or linen blend fabric here if you choose to use it for something other than on a bed. It could be made into a sublime pair of curtains, used to upholster a piece of furniture or as a furniture throw.

UK postage £5.50

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