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Gladiola and Roses Barkcloth Curtains

Gladiola and Roses Barkcloth Curtains

Pair of 1940's barkcloth curtains, lined and with red Gladioli and yellow Roses with rosebuds in yellow bands between. We also have a matching bedspread available. 

When not gathered each curtain measures 59 inches wide by 54 inches long- lots of fabric! Unfortunately one of the curtains has damage to 6 of the red Gladioli. This sometimes happened with certain coloured vintage dye. The rest of the curtain is fine. The close up photo shows the worst damage. The photo of the whole curtain is also the same curtain that is damaged so you can see that it is not an easily noticeable issue. The other curtain is undamaged.

Both curtains have cotton header tape which may need some attention as the gathering strings have come out at one end.

An interesting note is that both curtains have one small pocket sewn onto the upper corner of the lining. It could have been for weighing them down but usually that would be at the hem- perhaps a secret hiding spot?

UK postage £5.50
    £34.00 Regular Price
    £26.00Sale Price
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