Growler Chad Valley Chiltern Vintage Teddy Bear

Growler Chad Valley Chiltern Teddy Bear

1960's Teddy Bear by Chad Valley Chiltern in a golden beige colour, with plastic amber and brown eyes, plastic nose and stitched smiling mouth. He has a small square of velcro type material sewn on to his "hand pads".

This bear is a "growler" and it does still work though not up to it's original standard. To make him "growl" we tilt him forwards then back until we find just the right movement that works best for him. The sound is more like a sheep than a bear's growl but it is endearing.

He is approximately 11-12 inches high and in very good condition with only a tiny hole on the back seam which is easily stitched. He has been washed. He has his original label sewn into his side.

Can you offer him a loving home?

UK postage £4.50