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Victorian Silver Plated Biscuit Box 1882 Hand Engraved

Hand Engraved Victorian Biscuit Box

Victorian Silver plated Biscuit box beautifully decorated with hand engraved flourishes and details all around. it has an integral tray with handles and ball feet. The lid is hinged. This was given as a gift and is inscribed in the most beautiful "writing" on the back with "Presented to Mrs. Walker by Teachers and Sen.r Scholars as a token of love and esteem. Church Sunday School  Marsden. April 8th 1882 " Mrs. Walkers monogram is engraved on the front of the box. I beleive it is "I M W" or "M I W".


It is 28 cms wide including the handles. The plating has worn away considerably in areas leaving it with an appearance of "faded grandeur".  It would make a charming and unusual "vase" for flowers, a planter or storage.

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