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Pair Antique decorative plates Birds Blossom

Hand Painted Bird & Blossom Plates

Strikingly lovely pair of antique decorative plates on a gorgeous aqua coloured background. The edge of each plate is decorated with a scalloped design in soft gold.

Gorgeous pink blossom adorns one plate along with a hand painted bird, possibly a Great Tit. This plate has scattered white marks which are easily seen close up. They are white, as though the aqua colour has been worn away but it hasn't and appears to be under the glaze.

The second plate is in much better condition without the marks mentioned above though there is a small iron mark on the bird. It is decorated with a hand painted bird which we beleive to be a Nightingale. He sits on a branch with a coral orange flower.

This beautiful old set would look wonderful on a dresser but they will also add a superb touch of colour and charm when hung on the wall. They would certainly brighten up any corner that needs something special.

UK postage £5.50

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