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Hand Painted Silk Satin Floral Panel

Hand Painted Silk Satin Floral Panel

Exceptional panel of satin woven from silk and decorated with florals (Rudbeckia), delicate grasses and colourful butterflies all lovingly hand painted. It measures approximately 11.5 feet long and 23 inches wide.

This extraordinary piece was probably designed and created to cover a folding screen which would explain the way the artist has painted the scenes "upright" from both ends; it may have been set atop the frame and secured down on both sides, allowing it to be viewed from either side. Painting screens was a skill often practised by ladies of bygone eras.

Along the edges are remnants of silk threads perhaps where the panel was attached to a frame or where a trim may have been attached.

There are rust coloured marks & spots throughout; most are tiny but not all. One end in particular has a fair amount of damage (please see photos) .

This truly beautiful textile could be used as a canopy, wall hanging (or two) or fitted to another screen.

UK postage £7.50

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