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Laquered Blossom Multi Frame

Laquered Blossom Multi Frame

Photo frame measuring 11.6 inches wide and 9.7 inches high. It is comprised of 8 smaller frame sections in varying shapes and sizes. The frame is heavy and appears to be made from a solid brass base.


The decorative front is deep set into the brass. It is a golden yellow colour and has been decorated with subtle and beautifully depicted blossom on delicate branches. It has then been covered with a generous layer of lacquer giving it an appearance of depth and gloss.


Each individual frame is edged in brass as is the entire frame The back board, which slides out to enable the addition of the photos, appears to have been hand cut and has an easel style stand glued on. 


The brass of this frame appears to have a slightly dulled giving it an overall softer colour, more similar to gold than a shiny brass.


UK postage £5.50

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