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Large Decorative 'Victorian' Frame vintage

Large Decorative 'Victorian' Frame

Beautiful large frame in very decorative and elegant Victorian style.

It is decorated with pretty gesso work and piercings and has a very attractive mottled, swept coloured finish which includes rust/red, charcoal and gold.

Although it is a very decorative frame is not heavily ornate so will suit light and elegant interiors well.

The outside of the frame measures 67 CM by 90.5 CM. The inside measures 34.5 CM by 78 CM.

It has one very small piece of missing gesso along the edge and upon very close inspection you can see the line where there was a split of the veneer.

-A super frame for a painting, but also for use as a prop for weddings or parties before being returned to your wall!

UK postage £15.00

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