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Matroyshka Doll Flask Thermos Vintage

Matroyshka Doll Flask Thermos

Adorable vintage Russian flask or Thermos in the shape and style of a Matroyshka nesting doll. It is 10 inches high and in perfect working order with the inner glass intact.

The "doll" is decorated with hand painted details some of which are now worn away such as part of one eye and the eyelashes as well as a bit of the pretty scalloped "trim" around the bottom of the strawberries.

The head can be unscrewed to reveal the cork stopper. It is also flat on top so that you can use it as a drinking cup.

The body can be unscrewed in the center (It is tight) to remove the glass inner for a thorough cleaning if/when necessary.

It would also be an adorable display piece in a child's room.

UK postage £3.50
    £10.00 Regular Price
    £5.00Sale Price
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