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Missionary Society Donation Box 1930's

Missionary Society Donation Box

Charming 1930's donation collection box from the London Missionary Society. It is wooden and handmade. It would have been placed in a Church to collect donations to enable the work of the missionaries.

It has a picture on the front which is a reproduction image of the wonderful original titled "The Hope of the World" by Harold Copping. It shows Jesus with children of all nations. The lid has the words "London Missionary Society" in faded gold letterring.

There is a handwritten list of donations of the back telling the dates and amounts. The year 1936 is written at the top of the list. There is another label on the base with information about the society and about how to open the box - however it looks like the insrtuctions for opening the box were ignored in favour of simply removing the lid! It has a small strip of fabric which has been glued in place and works as a hinge allowing easy access to the inside.

The box does show wear as you would expect for it's age and use but remians sturdy. It measures 5.5 inches high. This is a rare and unusual find and a charming piece of history.


UK postage £2.00

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