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Antique Spelter French Figurines Statues L'Industrie

Pair of French Figurines

 Pair of vintage spelter statues of French figures "Le Commerce" and "L' industrie " in the style of French sculptor Moreau. They were made in England in the early part of the 20th C and have their registration numbers on the back.

"L'Industrie" is in complete condition but "Le Commerce" is not as he is missing a Caduceus in his left hand and a ship's wheel in is right.  He is standing on a ship on ocean waves.

"L'Industrie" is a woman holding a a hammer surrounded by a laurel wreath and leaning on an anvil on a rocky outcrop with an industrial cog near her foot.

Both statues are on a black wooden base with brass name plate's. The one which is complete is almost 14 inches high (35 cms).

Neither statue has been cleaned and have been left just as we found them.

UK postage £5.50

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