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Holgate and Fentiman's antique Stoneware Flagon

Rare Edwardian Stoneware Flagon

Rare 1911 Holgate and Fentiman glazed stoneware Flagon with evocative and attractive text. It has a nice "strap loop" handle  and an impressed stamp. It is approximately 10.5 inches high and is corked.

Fentiman's Botanical Brewers was founded by Thomas Fentiman who had several children, most of whom were daughters. As he expanded and opened new factories his children and their spouses ran some of the factories on his behalf. The Middlesbrough factory was run by Thomas’ daughter Jane and her husband Harry Holgate hence the names on the flagon. 

After the drinks were consumed these were often used as hot water bottles but today they make wonderful decorators pieces as well as collector's items, with their antique rustic charm and great quality.  With a host of uses they can also be incredibly practical items too- door stops, vases, book ends and more....

UK postage £7.00

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