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Roses & Lillies Needlepoint Rug

Roses & Lillies Needlepoint Rug

Entirely hand stitched large needlepoint "rug" meauring 35 by 47 inches. It is made up of 6 sections, each with a flower in the center. There are two Lillies and four Roses on a stone coloured backgorund. It has a deep cinnamon coloured border.


All section are stitched together by hand. It is backed with a heavyweight cotton canvas type material.


As can often happen with older needlepoints it is "out of square" about 4 inches and will need to be reblocked if you would like it to be perfectly straight.


It has numerous uses including as a wall hanging or decorative throw, even as a sofa back or chair cover.  It is in very good condition with no tears, holes or stains


UK postage £10.00

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