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French needlepoint Roses

"Royal Paris" Needlepoint Roses

Beautiful vintage French needlepoint of multi-coloured roses on a light stone coloured background. This is quite an old one; the "canvas" is soft and pliable and was not pre-printed. It is also not sticthed from wool but instead cotton, which makes a finer stitch.

It was once framed or is use as it has the occasional small tack hole around the outer edge of the "selvedge". It has a repair  (approx 2 inches long) at the top of the image where two lines were probably pulling apart. The repair is very well done with a patch on the back to assure it's integrity.

There are a few very minor rust marks around the selvedge. The image panel is beautiful and in excellent condition.  The entire piece is 28 by 23 inches and the stiched panel is 24 by 19 1/4 inches.

UK postage is £3.50

    £28.00 Regular Price
    £14.00Sale Price
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