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Sanderson Roses quilted Cover Quilt Fabric vintage

Sanderson Roses Quilted Cover

Beautiful vintage fabric which we beleive to be a Sanderson design, stone/beige background with clusters of gorgeous roses. It has been quilted in a squiggly stitch design which was popular in the 1930's. It has a lovely edging made from gathering the fabric to create a "frilled" effect. The fabric is a sateen cotton. The backing fabric is a light beige coloured plain cotton.


This unusual textile is a custom made piece; for what, we do not know. (If you have an idea please do not hesitate to let us know!) You can see the full shape in one of the photos; more narrow and straight at one end, wider and rounded at the other. It is approximately 65 inches long and 42 inches wide at the widest point.


It does have some issues to note -Some older dyes, particularly those used for certain reds are prone to split very old fabrics over time and this has happened with this beautiful piece.   There are numerous repairs, particularly to the red flowers on the wider end which probably received more use. The repairs are skillfully darned (so that you would not even  see them unless you looked very closely) and there are several patches which again are so skillfully done I did not immediately see them. There are several small splits in the fabric of the red roses in that same area which will require darning or patching.


It remains an extremely lovely textile and would display beautifully, perhaps over the back of a chair where it will definitely be admired but will not receive a lot of use.


UK postage £5.50



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