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Set of vintage Animal Prints Dog

Set of Animal / Nature Story Prints

6 large vintage prints, possibly from a school or library. Each measures approximately 19 inches wide by 16 inches high. Can be hung with simple poster hangers or make quite a statement framed. Perfect for a young child's room...


Included is:
Tthe Dog Who Wanted a Home" (Dog with bone and cat on steps),
"The Brownies' Magic" (Rabbits, Ducks, Sparrows, Moorhen in the snow) ,
"Sea Foam's Adventure" (Seaside inlet overlooked by wingied fairy and all manner of shells),
"Jack Frost Is About" (Night time Winter scene with full moon, starry skies, owl and Jack Frost himself on the left blowing a cold frost over the land) ,
"Woffly The Rabbit And Quick-Ears The Hare" (Rabbit families in green countryside) ,
"The Rabbit's Party" (Woodland scene with Rabbits, snake, Hedgehog, toad, frog, harvest mouse and even a tiny bat!)

UK postage £4.50

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