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Superb Antique Framed Bible Verse & Roses Print

Superb Framed Bible Verse & Roses Print

Utterly gorgeous Victorian chromolithograph of a beautiful bible verse "I WIll Never Leave Thee" beneath a stunningly lovely vase of roses in varying shades of pink.

The background is a creamy colour with yellow tones which matches the frame beautifully.

The frame is a bit later than the "print" dating to the 1930's but the very feminine and decorative style suits the picture perfectly. It measures 16 3/4 by 20 3/4 inches.

These wonderful old "prints" were cherished by families many years ago; the beautiful verses a reminder of faith and lovely images a reminder of Summer months all throughout the year...

This one is a particularly stunning and rare example.

UK postage £12.00
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