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Ruffled swiss dot vintage curtains close up

Swiss Dot Ruffled Curtains

Gorgeous and rare vintage swiss dot design curtains with beautiful ruffles along the top and inside edges and bottom.
Each curtain is 7 feet 4 inches long (approx 2.13 metres) including the ruffle along the bottom. The width of each is 47 inches (1.19 metres). There is a rod pocket along the top. They are not quite as white as they would orginally have been but a whitener in the wash will brighten them up if you prefer.

The tulle fabric is synthetic but you would be highly mistaken to think these feel and hang like modern net curtains! They are soft and billow beautifully as only vintage curtains could!

They come with their original matching ruffle tie backs.

A very special vintage find!

UK postage £4.50

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