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Victorian shawl mantel scarf  close up

Victorian Shawl Textile Remnant

Direct from France comes this lovely and decorative length of a "Victorian" shawl or bedcover.  It has a light tassel fringe along one edge. The design is woven with paisleys, flourishes and many pretty details throughout.  I am unsure about the age of the piece so it is being listed as Victorian "style".

Its potential uses are many! It could be used as a very Victorian-style mantel scarf, a window pelmet, a shoulder shawl or scarf (with a very Victorian style). It is 54 inches wide with 15.5 inch drop. The fringe is 3 inches.

The reverse side is equally as pretty and has a bit less of a rust colour.  It is not quite as bright rust as it appears in the photos.

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