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Vintage Pink Roses Curtain & Fabric

Vintage Pink Roses Curtain & Fabric

Simply beautiful medium weight cotton curtain by Osman. The background colour is a warm, delicious biscuit.

The design is of gorgeous roses and buds in varying shades of pink. There are also smaller roses in white with a touch of yellow in the center.

The curtain is lined and is hand made. It has narrow cotton curtain tape along the top which can be gathered to your preferred width.

It measures 50 inches long and 47.5 inches wide.

We also have a length of the same fabric, 94 by 37 inches. It is hemmed on all sides so was probably to be used as a curtain though it looks to have have little, if any use.

It has a vertical seam down the center. This could be used to make cushions or other accessories if not as curtain. The price is for both items together.

UK postage £4.50

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