Close up Zinnia Floral vintage Barkcloth cotton curtains fabric

Zinnia Barkcloth Curtains / Fabric

Beautiful pair of vintage cotton barkcloth curtains with a charming design of Zinnia's (a personal favourite!) in pinky-reds and smokey lilac colours with foliage in pretty shades of green and an intertwining pale pink ribbon on a soft white background.

Each curtain is 44 inches wide by approximately 79 inches long. They have narrow cotton curtain tape along the top. The hem is approximately 4 inches deep.


Eah curtain has fading along one edge. They do have some scattered holes which are almost all along the edges. One of the curtains has a group of scattered holes within 6 inches or so from the edge. (Please see last photo).

As the hems contain about 4 inches of fabric the holes could be patched releatively easily. Alternatively the edges with holes can be removed all together. The curtains can also be used for the beautiful fabric rather than as curtains.

UK postage is £5.50