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Floral Bordered Soft Wool Vintage Rug

Floral Bordered Soft Wool Rug

Beautiful vintage latch hook rug, very thick, soft and pliable. It measures 27 by 50 inches. The background colour is a light beige and it has a central medallion style design with a pretty floral border in browns, greens, golden yellow and reds.

This rug really is a dream to step on as it is so thick and sumptuous however it does have an issue to note.  Where this was folded for some time the wool yarn pieces in a small area at the center have started to come undone from their "loops" and will need to be tightened. I pulled a few in an attempt to tighten them but without a latch hook I could not do a reasonable enough job.

If you have a latch hook and a working knowledge this will be an easy job to tackle. It is well worth the effort for such a super rug.

UK postage £6.00

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