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French Roses Bedcover close up

French Roses Bedcover

Large French bedcover in a medium/heavy cotton fabric. The fabric is by Romanex and has an ivory/very pale yellow-beige background. It has a gorgeous all over design of climbing roses in shades of pinks and reds with smaller yellow flowers and pretty green foliage.

In the typical vintage French style it has an extra bit of length at one end to either go over your pillows or to fit between the posts at the bottom of the bed.

It is made up of 3 sections; the main body and a panel at each side to drop down on each side of the bed.  The main body measures 52.5 inches (just short of an English double bed size). The additonal fabric at each side is 14 inches long making the total width of 80.5 inches. The length of the center panel is 85 inches.

It is in very strong condition. The only issue to note is one side section must have faced a sunny window for some time as it has slightly faded.

This bedcover would give any bedroom an immedite sense of vintage appeal but it could also be used to re-upholster a chair or more as it is quite a strong fabric. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be?!


UK postage £5.50

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