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Large French Pillow Cover Roses

Handmade French Roses Pillow Cover

Handmade large French cushion / pillow cover which is a match with the French Roses Bedcover we have listed. It is a medium to heavyweight cotton. The fabric is by Romanex and has an ivory/very pale yellow-beige background. It has a gorgeous all over design of climbing roses in shades of pinks and reds with smaller yellow flowers and pretty green foliage.


It is 25 inches square not including the flange which adds an extra inch all the way around.


The back is made from a gorgeous (and very French!) beautifully textured brocade style heavy cotton with yellow stripes between linen coloured lengths which are decorated with wreaths of small pink roses! There are also rows of these same pretty rosesbuds between stripes and delicate pink dots.


The seamstress must not have had quite enough of the fabric to cover the entire back as there is a section of approximately 3.5 inches which is made from the same fabric as on the front of the cover.  The back has small buttons for removing the cover. One of the buttons is broken in half but still works.


There are no stains, holes but I did notice some very minor fading along one edge.

The insert is not included.


UK postage £3.50

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